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The role of technical services in the market sales of architectural coatings

as we all know, architectural coatings belong to a special commodity, because for manufacturers, they belong to sales commodities, that is to say, they are finished products. Compared with the decoration industry, it is also a raw material and a semi-finished product. All its characteristics can only be reflected through the construction of decoration workers. The construction quality directly affects the performance of architectural coating quality. This determines the extraordinary importance of construction for coatings. As the saying goes, 'three paint and seven construction'. This sentence shows that people have recognized this from a very early time. In order to have a good construction, we must have high-quality construction workers

with the sustained and rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements are put forward for the coating and decoration industry. Architectural coatings are more and more widely used in almost all new buildings. The demand for medium and high-grade decoration is also increasing. Some large foreign coating enterprises are also investing and building factories in China. Under their influence, domestic coating enterprises now have more and more UTM in plastic molding and extrusion laboratories, and the restructuring and transformation of the industry are also carried out one after another. In the past, the phenomenon of low-grade and even shoddy products flooding the market in the architectural decoration market will be greatly improved. Medium and high-grade architectural coatings will be used more and more widely. Inferior products will fade out of the market

however, due to the late start of China's coating industry, the starting grade is relatively low. The quality requirements for decoration workers are not too high. For a long time, especially in economically underdeveloped areas, especially in the vast rural areas, people are still used to decorating their rooms with some low-grade '106' or '108' water-soluble coatings. Even some professional decoration companies in large and medium-sized cities use some untrained personnel who come out of the countryside to work after receiving orders. This makes the decoration quality without any guarantee, and the decoration quality disputes emerge one after another. This phenomenon will be greatly improved as the state stops the implementation of the 'JC/t423-89' standard. At the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for the paint decoration industry, which is to improve the quality of decoration workers. Improve the grade and quality of decoration. What methods are used to improve the quality of decoration workers? The author believes that first of all, the majority of coating manufacturing enterprises should strengthen after-sales technical service. In the past, when discussing the gap between domestic and foreign coating industry, we were used to considering problems from the aspects of scale, quantity, variety, technology and equipment. However, there is a lack of understanding of the gap in technical services closely related to the concept of paint management. With the influx of foreign coating enterprises, and China's resumption of accession to the WTO. This problem is becoming more and more obvious. We should understand how the technical services of foreign coating enterprises operate, learn from their successful experience and improve our technical services. Undoubtedly, it will promote the development of China's coating industry, drive the development of the whole decoration industry and improve the overall quality of the majority of decoration practitioners. Because in a sense, coating enterprises only really regard coatings as semi-finished products, shoulder the due responsibilities in the transformation process from coatings to coating films, truly follow the technical services where coatings go, actively guide the construction, help the construction, solve the problems encountered in the construction anytime and anywhere, help the construction personnel improve their understanding of coatings, understand the physical properties of coatings, and then improve the construction quality, Maximize the use value of the product and fully protect the interests of users. Only in this way can the sales purpose of coating production enterprises and the purpose of user procurement and use be perfectly unified and coordinated. Compared with decoration companies, due to their special identity, they are users for paint manufacturers and service providers for decorators, who should be responsible for the decoration quality. However, they should say that they are only the signers of orders. Most of them recruit and use migrant workers who have not received normal training. How to carry out necessary training for them is also an urgent problem in front of coating manufacturers, because in some large and medium-sized cities, The strain at a certain point of an elastic element of a decoration company is directly proportional to the force on the elastic element. It is an important consumer group of coating production enterprises. The products of many coating enterprises can reach consumers through them. Their understanding of coating directly affects the brushing quality. Especially when coating enterprises develop new products, they should first understand that Electromechanical is the soul of all parts, master some necessary knowledge, master the necessary construction technology, and make the construction workers understand the product performance through them, so that the product performance can be truly reflected through construction

coating enterprises should also conduct pre job training for their workers through their respective decoration company customers to reduce problems. Solve all possible problems in the bud. It should be said that the influx of foreign coating enterprises is both a challenge and an opportunity. It is precisely because of their influx that some large foreign auxiliary manufacturers have set up offices and factories in China. Domestic coating enterprises can also use coating additives with better performance and stable quality. The manufacturing level of domestic coating machinery has been continuously improved. In other words, domestic and foreign coating enterprises are in the same starting line in China. In China, there are not only well-known foreign brands such as nippon, but also national brands such as China Resources. And how can we create more national brands like China Resources? The author believes that domestic coating enterprises must continue to strengthen learning, learn from the successful technical service experience of foreign enterprises, and enhance brand awareness. In the past, the so-called brand awareness should be said that some domestic coating manufacturers were indifferent, or even none at all. A good brand needs good service, and only good and high-quality service can create a well-known brand. The current situation of domestic coating enterprises in China is that small-scale coating enterprises can be found everywhere, which can be said to blossom everywhere. Most of them pursue immediate interests. There is no sense of service at all. As long as there are interests, they dare to do anything. It is also a top priority to strengthen the constraints on them. Because of the transformation of the concept of the final decision-maker of the coating enterprise and the depth of his understanding of the operation rules, methods and details of technical services, it is possible for the enterprise to continuously improve the level of technical services. The reality of enterprises' continuous improvement of technical service level is also restricted by the thinking and level of enterprise salesperson and the comprehensive quality of technical service personnel. The change of concept and the improvement of level is a systematic project for enterprises. It is a process that needs to be improved step by step. To help small coating enterprises recognize this point, and guide them to take appropriate and effective measures and make continuous improvement will inevitably make them make progress and truly achieve a qualitative leap. As long as small paint enterprises can develop, they will naturally spend part of their funds for necessary after-sales service. In turn, it will urge large and medium-sized coating manufacturing enterprises to continuously increase after-sales technical service and capital investment in after-sales technical service, so as to gradually narrow the technical service gap with foreign coating enterprises. Make the advantages of domestic coating products constantly reflect, make the people gradually recognize domestic products, and create more domestic well-known brands. It is believed that with the joint efforts of colleagues in the domestic coating industry and the strong support of governments at all levels, China's coating industry will have a brighter tomorrow

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