Biodegradable polyurethane foam won BASF Award

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Biodegradable polyurethane foam won BASF prize June 18: students from the Department of chemical engineering and materials science of the University of Minnesota put forward the biodegradable polyurethane foam produced by pressing two arms and won the prize in BASF science competition

it is easily soluble in many organic solvents. The new technology proposed by students is based on mevalonate monomer, whose polyester is formed by solvent-free polymerization

Elvira stesikova, BASF engineering manager, said, "this innovative idea clearly describes how this innovative technology can replace the traditional oil-based polyols."

BASF said that the new technology is very similar to the traditional polyols, because their performance can be adjusted by changing the molecular weight. However, the new technology uses solvent-free processing, sustainable raw materials and biodegradation methods to achieve recycling. In the long run, this technology has taken an important step in the realization of isocyanate free polyurethane polymerization. At present, there are about 170 urethanes in China

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