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Future development prospect of intelligent LED street lamp industry

with the continuous development and progress of today's society, many daily necessities and electrical appliances begin to want to improve the humanized operation of products in artificial intelligence. Among them, the leaders in the electrical product market are touch, laptop and so on. As the current emerging industry, LED products are certainly not backward. They adopt various humanized intelligent designs and are used in LED street lamp power supply, electronic ballast, tunnel lamp drive and other related products

adopt LED intelligent lighting control system for centralized monitoring and control. According to the use demand, dimming LED street lamps and courtyard lamps in time-sharing can save 20% ~ 30% electricity and prolong the service life of lamps. Its advantage is that the preset information is stored independently for the control of each phase. When a line in the system fails, the fault point and fault quality can be detected and saved immediately, which is conducive to troubleshooting and saves manpower, material resources and time

in order to make the bridge have more shocking light and shadow performance and landmark effect on the river, a complete set of high-tech intelligent control system and light and shadow change scheme are designed for the bridge. The bridge can produce rich scene change effects of joy or brilliance or excitement or tranquility, so as to better interact and blend the bridge with the people of heaven and earth waterscape, so as to compose colorful movements

the bridge led lighting control system shall adopt TCP/IP protocol and undergo signal transmission optimization processing, so that more equipment are connected in the LED lighting system and the connection distance is longer. 1. For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture is in direct contact with the sample. The control protocol makes the control quality and reliability of the LED lighting system higher, and the two-way communication makes the remote monitoring and control of the equipment more effective, Make the LED landscape lighting control system more stable. The main functions of LED lighting system include:

1) 100 level brightness adjustment and 16 level brightness adjustment without gray loss

2) the display frequency can reach 85Hz

3) color adjustment ability: 256 levels of r.g.b are adjusted independently

4) the brightness depth can reach 1024

5) white detection function: each controller in the system can detect the input interface signal (indicator report)

6) support users to configure screen information by themselves

7) power supply mode: dc24vac110 ~ 220V; 8) Support remote control and serial communication. Intelligent control of LED lighting 2. In an environment without vibration and surrounding corrosive media; The system can complete the consistency of time control, eliminate the time error of power supply system, and ensure the transformation quality of LED animation field recording. The application of intelligent control system can reliably control the stop and start of LED street lights and courtyard lights in different scenes

macroscopically, the bridge lighting is divided into major holiday scenes, general holiday scenes and ordinary scenes

1) at ordinary times, only the wall lamp and handrail lamp on the top outside the bridge railing are turned on. The best feeling is that the brightness of the top outside the railing is 15CD/MZ, and the illumination of the steel wire guardrail on the stairway is loolx

2) in general holidays, the bridge belly lighting will be turned off. The brightness of the tower tip outside the railing is l5cd/m2, and that of other places equipped with LED lamps is LCD/m2

3) in major holidays, all lamps are turned on. The brightness of the tower tip outside the railing is l5cd/m2. In other places equipped with LED lamps, the brightness is LCD/m2 and the illumination at the bridge belly is 2501x

with the development of technology and the maturity of the market, the LED products of artificial intelligence are imperative. Mature and perfect science and technology is the basic guarantee for the healthy development of the LED industry. The modular products integrating constant voltage and constant current will become the mainstream, and the products will gradually increase the effectiveness of intelligent control


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