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The future development direction of pure electric logistics vehicles

the development of new energy vehicles also drives the rapid development of pure electric logistics vehicles, which is favored by many industries. The most characteristic is the e-commerce industry, which is the most important transmission link between merchants, merchants and customers. The huge cargo flow, distribution speed and so on have become a test. However, driven by the strong demand of the rapid development of e-commerce, the domestic urban distribution industry is still booming. It seems that pure electric logistics vehicle is a good choice

in case of oil leakage

pure electric logistics vehicles, the urban distribution of logistics vehicles is the last kilometer of the logistics chain and plays a very important role in the whole supply chain, but most cities have strict restrictions on the area and time of trucks entering the city. In terms of urban distribution itself, the development trend is very strong. Due to the environmental pollution brought by traditional fuel vehicles to the city, pure electric logistics vehicles have gradually become a new type of transportation tool vigorously promoted by the government. Coupled with the transformation and upgrading of e-commerce express business, new energy logistics vehicles have gradually become the first choice of express logistics companies

it is understood that at present, China's logistics cost accounts for 17% of GDP. There are more than 20 million fuel logistics vehicles in the whole logistics industry. The current market penetration rate of new energy logistics vehicles is only 2%. New energy vehicles press the reset button to replace the whole, with huge market capacity. Industry insiders predict that from the perspective of market development scale and the proportion of resources invested, the potential market space of new energy logistics vehicles can reach 3 million

"at this stage, the logistics distribution service has changed from focusing on cost and price to focusing on service and speed. Especially for large-scale e-commerce, or the distribution of fresh and agricultural products, it pays special attention to timeliness. This pure electric logistics vehicle without time limit can be delivered at any time." Relevant industry knowledge analysis said

with the strong support of policies, the growth of new energy logistics vehicles is particularly rapid, which has become a highlight of the development of new energy vehicles. On June 2, 309 new energy vehicles were selected in the fifth batch of 2017 catalogue of recommended models for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles released by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Among the 91 new energy special vehicles, 79 are pure electric logistics vehicles, accounting for 87%

recently, many cities and large enterprises have put forward requirements for the replacement proportion of new energy logistics vehicles for logistics, express and other businesses. For example, rookie network has released the demand for the replacement of 1 million new energy logistics vehicles in ace plan, and JD has also proposed to replace all traditional fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles in the next five years. It is believed that this provides a great opportunity for the majority of new energy vehicle leasing enterprises. Shenzhen Wanxing Chuangzhi new energy vehicle leasing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that focuses on pure electric logistics vehicle leasing services and provides environmental protection and efficient transportation capacity services for major express logistics and urban distribution. At the same time, it uses Internet tools to integrate upstream and downstream resources of new energy vehicles and provide users with overall transportation capacity solutions. In the future, Wanxing Chuangzhi will further strengthen market development, build China's largest green transportation capacity sharing platform and open a new era of pure electric logistics vehicles

the potential of intra city distribution known as "the last mile logistics" is infinite

with the advent of the era of "Internet +", users have higher and higher requirements for "the last mile" and personalized distribution services, and the redevelopment and re extension of intra city distribution has become an inevitable trend

why is intra city distribution more and more popular with users? The reasons can be summarized into two points:

1, "the last mile" service demand is becoming a new favorite of consumption

with the development of e-commerce shopping habits, people have higher and higher requirements for logistics time and services, especially for users who shop in the same city, they have urgent expectations for "express delivery" and "limited delivery", and most of them hope to see the goods at the moment of placing an order. In the b-end field, it is difficult for some small and medium-sized supermarkets and convenience equipment archives to be completely separated from the capital construction archives, and there is also an urgent need for intra city distribution to solve the problem of timely distribution of goods in the last kilometer, so as to ensure the freshness of fresh food and the convenience of commonly used goods

2. Intra city distribution is not restricted by the form of goods, and orders are placed and delivered at any time. In the traditional warehousing and distribution industry, such as liquids, green plants, fragile goods, electronic products, large items and pets are usually outside the warehousing and logistics distribution list; However, in the same city distribution, these goods are no longer disturbed by the traditional warehousing and logistics mode. They can easily place an order to complete the distribution, providing consumers and b-end users with worry and labor-saving high-quality services

however, in reality, different commodities have different requirements for distribution, and there are also gaps in the scale, business circle, customers and business awareness of different enterprises, so it is difficult to coordinate. In this regard, we need the joint efforts of all parties to improve the process of the whole logistics circle. Wanxing creative intelligence association will work together to keep up with the pace of development of the times and build a logistics ecosystem together with you


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